I live and work in the Northern California wine country.

Sebastopol is only an hour north of San Francisco but is worlds away from the big white box where Shaun and I manically ran our advertising photography studio in the '80s and '90s.  My imaging studio now is tucked away on a small vineyard not far from Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock filmed "The Birds".

I still accept and produce advertising and editorial assignments and enjoy collaboration with  other artists, Photo Editors, Designers, Creative Directors and insightful clients.  But my approach is now decidedly more personal and approached from the perspective of a fine artist rather than commerce above all else.

My technique  captures  light and color as digital raw material that i personally  sculpt, massage, mold and form.  The images  become more than one decisive moment, more than mere observance, more than diligent documentation.  The Palette is seldom color correct, scale precise, or  the perspective linear.

Portraits,  Environs, Abstractions, Illustrative images, all become layered commentary, opinion, revelation, discovery, propaganda cast as visual artifact.  The images, whether fixed in pixels or pigment, are offered as tangible evidence, the progeny of intercourse between subject, light, lens, hand and eye.

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Gerald Bybee
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BTW --

Did I mention we grow organic wine grapes here in Sebastopol ?

Gerald Bybee

Photographer / Imager / Consultant